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Door hangers

In this rapidly evolving world of direct marketing strategies, Door Hangers are a tried and true way to reach customers the old fashioned way. Hanging company info where it can’t be missed (on the customer's door) is an ideal way for local businesses to build brand awareness. Our Custom Printed Door Hangers are printed on various durable paper stock and you have the option to print on both sides, which allows ample space for text and visuals, thus maximizing marketing impact with great efficiency.

Put your message in a spot people just can’t miss.

Glossy UV coating on one side
Sharp, full-color printing
Great for fast campaigning
Choose a template or upload your own

Popular Uses & Ideas

Promotional & Informational Door Hangers
Do Not Disturb Signs
Grand Opening Promos


3.5" x 8.5"
4.5" x 11.0"

Spread the word to local residents with impossible-to-miss door hangers.

Doing work in town? Let all the neighbors know. Our sturdy customized door hangers are a unique marketing tool that allows you to introduce yourself to people in your local community. Hang them on door knobs to let potential customers know about your products or services. You can even customize with a discount or a coupon that will encourage them to give it a try. Personalized door hangers are also great at welcoming guests to an event or giving them directions.

Select from one of two available sizes then explore our fully customizable door hanger templates – including options for specific industries and events. Add your text and images and we’ll take care of the rest. Your professionally printed door hangers will arrive looking crisp, polished and ready to show off.

To make the most of your door hangers, read this article on how to use leave behinds in your marketing

4 steps to using leave behinds in your marketing

4 steps to using leave behinds in your marketing

Make a lasting impression - whether you're replacing a leaky pipe, painting a house or shoveling someone's walkway - with leave behinds. Leave behinds are an easy, affordable marketing strategy for all kinds of small business owners - especially in-home service providers. And they're exactly what they sound like: an item that gets left behind with a customer once your service is complete.

At their core, leave behinds serve as reminders of your business and leave customers with all of the information they need to contact you. And beyond that, your leave behinds should have some kind of value for customers - that's why practical items like pens, magnets and tote bags work so well. If you're leaving behind something inexpensive, like a business card or brochure, consider including a coupon or offer to encourage customers to hang on to it. In addition to encouraging repeat customers, leave behinds can be used as tools to gather feedback, reward customers and spread awareness about your business.

8 leave behind items:

Traditional marketing materials: Brochures, Business cards, Door hangers, Magnets, Stickers
Promotional items: Pens, Tote bags, Hand sanitizer

Here's how small business owners in the home improvement industry can use leave behinds to encourage returning customers, spread the word about your brand and make a professional impression. Get started in 4 steps:

  1. Choose the leave behinds that best suit your purpose.
  2. Customize your marketing leave behinds.
  3. Add a personal touch.
  4. Decide how to distribute.

Choose the leave behinds that best suit your purpose.

Think about how much information you want to communicate, and what kind of medium will work best for you. Are you a house painter and want to leave customers with detailed information about your pricing and services? Choose a leave behind like a brochure, where you'll have plenty of space to print this information.

Also, consider whether there's a certain kind of leave behind that matches up with your small business. If you're a plumber, maybe you can leave a cheeky door hanger on your customer's bathroom door knob. Do you run a home cleaning service? Leave your customers with a bottle of branded hand sanitizer.


Add a personal touch.

Door hangers

Door hangers

Leave these eye-catching reminders all over your neighborhood - you'll attract new customers & encourage new ones.

Leave behinds can help build long-lasting relationships with make sure your marketing materials don't come across as generic or impersonal. There are a few easy solutions for small business owners when it comes to adding a personal touch.

One way is to create leave behinds that touch on various stages of the customer journey. If you're visiting a client's home for a consultation or introduction, leave them with a comprehensive kit of information. You may consider a business card with a special offer, or even a promotional tote bag filled with reading materials about your business

If you're using a leave behind as a follow-up tool, include a handwritten note - maybe a short message on the back of a door hanger, or a promotional reminder to encourage new customers to take the next step.

Making a routine visit to a regular customer? They clearly have your contact info by now, so there's no need to laden them with brochures, door hangers or business cards. Instead, leave behind something more 'fun,' like a magnet or stack of logo stickers.


Customize your marketing leave behinds.

Leave behinds are traditionally, well, left behind after an in-home service. But now that you have these ready-to-distribute marketing materials, start thinking outside the box.

When customers sign a receipt or an invoice for your service, give them a branded pen and let them keep it. Whether they use it to scrawl a grocery list or do a crossword puzzle, it's sure to stay within reach of your customer - keeping your small business top of mind.

Do you need to announce a new service or offering? Let existing customers know with a leave behind...even if you're not performing a service. Whether a door hanger on their front door or an updated brochure in their mailbox, promote what's new at your business with a physical reminder.

Custom pens

Custom pens

Leave behind something your customers will use again and again - like a custom pen.

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