Flyers and brochures

Brochure and flyers printing: An organized way to share information.

Flyers and brochures excel at different kinds of marketing strategies, and the design considerations that accompanies these should likewise be looked into.

Both brochures and flyers have their specific advantages, and neither medium is necessarily better than the other. Before you order any print material, try to understand the specific advantages each medium offers for your campaign. While flyers and brochures might be substituted for each other in a pinch, you can get the most value for your dollar by going with the one that suits your needs best.

Flyers are most often used for:

Event announcements.
Advertising openings for new establishments like clubs, bars, restaurants, etc.
Fact sheets handed out at trade shows or conferences.
As handouts and newspaper/magazine inserts.
As information sheets, as part of a promotional campaign.
Other general localized advertisements.

Brochures are popular for the following applications:

As reference materials for customers and employees.
To follow-up other promotional materials to help close a sale.

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